Offically an Adult

I am sitting here in Barnes and Noble sipping on a chai tea latte and reading one of Meb Keflezighi’s books (Run to Overcome) and suddenly I had an urge to finally return to my little space I claim on the internet. It has been 6 whole months, 6 whole very busy months, since my last post, and finally I have the motivation and time to spend some time writing up a new post. 

Why have I neglected my blog for the past 6 months? Life. Since my last post, I have completed my year long internship in a Kindergarten classroom, graduated from college (!!!!), moved home to Maryland, passed my required PRAXIS tests, moved back to North Carolina, and started my first big girl teaching gig as a long term substitute at my internship school.
I was very lucky to be blessed with supportive parents who financed me all through college, so for the first time in my life I am paying for rent, groceries, and gas on my own and am trying to learn how to be a real adult (college I already miss you)… I am trying to learn to budget and figure out how I am going to begin paying back those dreadful student loans. 
For the first time in my life I have no idea where or what I am going to be doing in the next few months. I have never had to make so many important decisions in my life, and although it is definitely overwhelming and scary at times, I kind of love the uncertainty and possibilities that are available to me. I’ve definitely shed quite a few tears over the past couple of months during this transition period, but I have grown so much and I feel pretty dang strong right now.

For the past month I have been living back in Greenville, North Carolina, which is where I attended college, and have been teaching 4th and 5th grade English as a long term substitute to fill in for a teacher on maternity leave. I am so grateful that I was able to come back because I don’t think I was really ready to leave Greenville and my friends down here just yet. I am so happy I took the leap and decided to come back and take this position at the school where I completed my internship because it is giving me such a great experience teaching a new grade! I am have spent the past year teaching Kindergarteners so moving fro 5 year olds to 9 and 10 year olds has definitely been an eye opening experience.
I am living with my best friend Mallory (for the 3rd time), and loving it.
Plus, I am getting to spend time with some other great people while I’m down here.
Oh, and living only a few hours from my sister Amy who lives in Richmond, makes for a great weekend trip :).

I have missed using this positive outlet and am planning to make good on one of my 2016 resolutions and write on here as much as I can in the coming months :). Speaking of 2016 goals, I have a few other to catch you up on. 
1. Get back to blogging
2. Read at least one new book each month
3. Get back into running shape
4. Say yes more often and take chances
5. Learn something new
6. Visit somewhere new
As you can see I am doing my best to work on number 1… even if I am a few months late…
I am keeping up with number 2. So far I have read The Nightingale (my new favorite book, go read it!!), A Tale of Two Cities, and am currently reading Run to Overcome. And, because I am trying to be an overachiever in March I just purchased Me Before You to hopefully read this month as well, the movie trailer totally sucked me in. 
As for 3, I am definitely doing my best! I started off the year beginning to train for my third half marathon, which is coming up in a few weeks. I am running the Philadelphia Love 1/2 Marathon with a childhood friend, and I am extremely excited. I love exploring new cities, so this should be a blast. Plus, I have a very bold goal to run in all 50 states, and this will add another one to my measly list of the 7 states that I have run in so far :). Good thing this goal doesn’t have a time limit…
I think moving taking the teaching position I took and moving back down to North Carolina was definitely taking a chance in more ways than one.
Still trying to decide how I am going to accomplish number 5, I am thinking knitting or photography though, hmmm.
I am hopefully going to take a trip out to California this summer to visit family and that will be a new place for me, a new place I have always wanted to visit! Plus, it would give me another state to run in :). 
Enjoy your Sunday <3. 

Internship: Week One

Well I officially survived my first week of my student teaching internship.

In case you need to be caught up, I am spending everyday this semester student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom. It is the same classroom I was in one day a week this past Spring.

At first I was a little upset I was placed in a Kindergarten classroom because I didn’t think that Kindergarten was the particular grade I wanted to teach, and while I am still pretty sure that Kindergarten isn’t the grade I plan to teach after graduation, I have grown to actually enjoy my Kindergarten classroom. It also doesn’t hurt that my teacher is nothing short of awesome and always willing to help me out. I sure got lucky. 

Any how, as I mentioned this past week was my first official week of being in the classroom all day everyday Mon- Fri with my precious group of brand new Kindergarteners! They are so fricken adorable it is unreal. I don’t think I have ever had to tie so many shoes, or have ever received so many hugs. 

Whew, it was definitely a transition week, I had forgotten how tough it was to wake up so early everyday but I think I am getting the hang of it. This semester is definitely going to be stressful, but I think It is really important for me to try my best and balance my exercise and healthy eating along with this internship in order for me to do my best, and I tried my best to start that off right away. 


Monday we had meetings all day, so Tuesday was our official first day. My alarm went off bright and early at 6 am and I hopped right out of bed, I actually woke up earlier than that because of my nerves. Luckily I had done some prep work the night before so my breakfast and lunch were sitting in the fridge waiting for me.

Breakfast was overnight oats with berries added in the morning.
My lunch for day one was an egg salad sandwich thin with tomato, grapes, and a Babybell cheese wedge. My after school snack was an apple and almonds. And the Bai was a mid afternoon pick me up to energize me through the afternoon.
Another goal I have for this entire semester is to try and make use of all the clothes in my closet that are teaching appropriate and not to repeat an outfit. This is definitely going to be difficult, but I am up for the challenge! I even made a new instagram (Milesofmolly) to help hold me accountable by posting a picture of my outfits each day of the internship.
The dress and shoes are from Target and it was the first time wearing my new dress, I got a lot of compliments on it, so I think it was a great choice for day one. 
The first day was awesome, I already knew I loved my clinical teacher from my experience with her last semester, but my thoughts were even more solidified when I found out she read The Kissing Hand on the day before which was the first day of school, and was reading the sequel this day. The Kissing Hand is my favorite children’s book ever (I have a slight obsession with raccoons, strange I know). 

When I got home I waited for our cable guy to come and install our cable and internet, ate my after school snack, and then took a quick trip to the gym where I ran 3.10 miles on the treadmill and did a quick arm w/o.
I made a healthy stir fry dinner with veggies, tofu, and an egg on top.


Wednesday was another seamless morning because I prepped my lunch and picked out my outfit the night before. 

Lunch was a tuna salad sandwich thin with grapes and pea crisps. Since my Bai worked out so well the day before I brought another one for day two. 
My outfit for the day was a new Express shirt, mint pants, and jack rogers.
I didn’t have a workout on this day because I had to get stitches taken out, and was having trouble with the stitches on my back and decided it probably wouldn’t be smart to workout.
I brought an apple and pb with me to the doctor, and ended up eating it after my appointment at the library. 
Dinner was a delicious mix of veggies and chicken.
Steamed cauliflower & snap peas, chicken, quinoa, and sautéed kale.
For dessert I had a coconut greek yogurt with berries.


On Thursday I started my morning with a pre made breakfast of overnight oats once again.

Lunch was un-pictured but it was tuna wrap & grapes, the tuna was made from the leftover tuna I had from the can I used the day before.
I wore one of my roommate/ best friend’s dresses for day three. The sweater is mine from Express, and the shoes are my favorite pair that I got custom made last year when I visited Athens, Greece. 
Oh, and I obviously took a classy mirror picture in the student’s bathroom :). 
On my way home I downed some almonds and a That’s It bar so that I could be fueled for my quick run when I got back.
I knew I had to be fast so I ran 3 quick miles and did this short circuit, before showering and getting ready for Makenzie’s birthday dinner at one of our favorite sushi places Wasabi 88, they have buy one get one free speciality rolls during the weekdays.


Friday started with a new breakfast… jk it was overnight oats again, this time in a jar. 

And my outfit for the day was a shirt from Target I had bought a couple of years ago but hadn’t yet worn, a necklace from Nordstrom’s, and pants from Express.
I guess I was super excited it was Friday because I completely forgot to take any food pictures, oops. Lunch was another tuna sandwich, grapes, and pea crisps, and my after school snack was almonds and golden raisins. 
When I got home I went straight to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and came home for a dumbbell arm workout. Right after my lifting I quickly took a shower and ate dinner (a buffalo chicken wrap) because I had a very important top secret mission to attend to. Like I said it was Makenzie’s 22nd birthday, so her boyfriend and best friend decided to surprise her at our house, they wanted to sneak in while we were out so I had to lure her out of the house and sneakily leave our back door open… When we got back I made sure she was the one who opened the door, and they were just hanging on the couch waiting for her :). She was so surprised, she cried, mission accomplished! 
That night called for more celebrating for Mak, so the we had a great night downtown.

It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of our first week (Makenzie is also student teaching), and her birthday!

Thoughts on Week One:

– Prepping my breakfasts and lunches the night before definitely helped me have smooth mornings and it is something I plan to keep up for the entire semester. 

– So far I really like having another instagram for blog type posts! I feel like now I can post as many food/running/clothes pictures without overflowing my personal instagram followers with tons and tons of posts. I haven’t told many of my friends or family about it yet, but I think slowly I will tell the people important to me. Amy is the only one in on it so far ;). 

– Waking up for early morning gym sessions is going to be harder than I originally thought, but I know it will be best to get used to it now even if I still have time to work out in the evenings now, because I know that soon I will be so busy with my licensure project, writing resumes, and lesson planning that the mornings are the only time I will be able to squeeze in a workout. 

Is Summer Really Over?

Well, to answer my own question, yes it officially is… for me at least.

I just moved back to NC to finish up my last semester at ECU completing my student teaching internship. I began yesterday, so I am officially back in school, even though in my opinion this school is more fun than sitting through your typical college classes ;).
Anyways, I will fill you in on what I am going to up to this semester in a future post, but for now I want to reminisce on the last bit of Summer that I enjoyed after I returned from my family trip to the Outer Banks!
When I got back I only had about a week left at home before heading back to school so I decided to use my time wisely by visiting all my favorite friends before I had to leave them all for a few months. This included a trip to visit my favorite family with a nice dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, taking my friend Kelly’s Zoe’s Kitchen virginity over a lunch date, catching up with my friends Emily and Paige over a Bachelor in Paradise girl’s night, and a few more exciting events. 
I also had a couple of doctor’s appointments to get out of the way and one of them involved getting stitches. Luckily my Mom was with me for the doctors and took me out to my lunch for my suffering ;). She had never been to Cava, so a trip there was obviously necessary. 
There drinks are so delicious, this time I mixed the water melon mint one with some sort of honey green tea. Sounds strange, but it rocked.
My Mom also took me out another day for our annual birthday shopping trip. My birthday isn’t actually until September, but since I am always away from home for my birthday she treats me by taking me out a little early every year. Who knows, maybe next year I will actually be in Maryland for my birthday. 
We started the day with a morning walk around our favorite lake and then visited some of my favorite stores like, Target, Barnes & Noble, Charming Charlies, & Nordstroms. Oh, and we picked up some fall candles from Bath & Body Works, because you can’t start Fall without some candles… For lunch we went to California Pizza Kitchen, my second time in one week! 
My Mom went with her favorite, the Cobb salad, and I tried something new that I absolutely loved, their Thai salad. Honestly, I am surprised I have never ordered it before because Thai is my jam always. 

It was a day well spent.
I also spent as much bonding time over the week, as I could with my pup (aka old man dog) since I knew it would be a while before I could see him again.
Annnnd, I had my last two days at my Summer job, I worked at the Day Care in my gym and it was the best job ever. I am going to miss those kiddos.
I finished out the week celebrating my sister’s Amy birthday by going to see Zac Brown Band with my siblings and her friends at Nat’s Park, and it was so much fun. They were amazing live and all 4 of us had one too many alcoholic beverages, hey it was a country concert :).
The next night we celebrated on her actual birthday by trying a new to us farm to table Italian restaurant near our house. Every thing was delicious.
Amy had requested an ice cream cake so when we got home we dug into the Coldstone strawberry ice cream cake that my Dad and I picked out for her, and watched her open her presents.
Every body loves Spanky :).
My last favorite mentionable thing that happened in the end of my Summer was my Dad being a true “Bob the Builder” (his name is actually Bob), and building me the coolest, prettiest, most awesome wine rack for my new apartment!
I love love love it, and I will post a picture of it in my new house soon! 
Hope you guys enjoyed the end of your Summer as much as I did :). 

Outer Banks Family Vaction!


This Summer my family decided to do something we haven’t done since I was in third grade…take a family vacation, with the whole family! There are 6 of us in my family so getting everyone’s schedules to agree on a whole week in the Summer months is usually pretty difficult, but this year we decided to lay down the law and make it happen! 

My sister Amy was actually the first one to mention us actually taking a family vacation together, but her first idea was a little out of our league/budget… Hawaii, yeah maybe one day haha. Most of the credit goes to my older sister Katie who actually booked the house and put the action into plan. Anyways, our plan B after Hawaii was the Outer Banks! The Outer Banks is my favorite beach area to visit, but most of my family had never been before so I was excited for them to experience it. We ended up booking a house for a week at Corolla. 

The drive to Outer Banks was not as seamless as we would have hoped. My sister Katie and her boyfriend drove down together, my parents and brother drove down together and my sister Amy and I drove together. We figured that waking up at 5 and leaving by 5:30 would have us miss a ton of traffic and get us there in not too long to spend the day on the beach. Wrong. We were totally OBX rookies and it took us over 10 hours to get there, 3-4 of those hours being stand still driving on the island. Oy Vey, when we finally got there I cracked open the best tasting cold bud light lime I have ever had and sat on the beach until it was time for dinner. We decided that next year we are totally staying somewhere closer the night before to make it there before all the traffic sets in!
Sunday: Day One

On our first day I woke up early for my first beach run and did a quick 3.10 miles before getting ready and heading out for a full day on the beach. 
We did all the best beach things: tanned, played in the waves, drank cold beer, and played corn hole. And, my best friend Mallory came to spend a few days with us! 
And after a perfect day on the beach we had my most favorite summer dinner; crabs! Brendan (my sister’s boyfriend) was a sweet heart and decided to buy my whole family crabs as a thank you to having him for the week. Best present ever. Plus, it was Mallory’s first experience with eating crabs, a true milestone to us Marylanders.
The only problem, it started torrential down pouring two seconds after we got everything set up on the porch. Sooo, we moved our party inside. 
Malloy rated crabs an 11/10… success. I was so excited to see my best friend after a few months apart, and even more proud of her for how fast she mastered the picking of the crabs, you go Mallz. 
The rest of the night was spent playing some intense rounds of Catch Phrase. you can learn a lot about a person watching them play intense rounds of catch phrase.
Monday: Day Two

Monday morning began with a run once again, but this time it was a shorter run, 2 miles.
And this run was even better because I got to refuel after my run with one of two coconut Bais that Mallory surprised me with, we both have a love for Bais but thankfully she doesn’t like my favorite flavor, the coconut, which means more Bais for me when she buys the variety packages :). She also brought two monster bottles of champagne along with her, she gets me. 
After breakfast, which was my Dad’s blueberry waffles, we headed straight to the beach, mimosas in hand. Just my kind of day. It was another beautiful weather filled day that was spent tanning and reading in the sand. 
Since Mallory and Brendan were both with us Monday night we decided that going out to dinner and then out out afterwards was the way to go. We ended up at Sunset Grille which I had remembered from past trips to OBX.
The restaurant is right on the water and although it was pretty damn windy we couldn’t help but ask to sit outside to enjoy the warm weather and sunset. 
Yeah, that wind was no joke.
Much better :). After our photoshoot we were seated and all enjoyed our different selections of sea food and specialty drinks, my drink happened to come with a ceramic painted pirate cup that I got to keep, perfect for my #ECUpride. 
We couldn’t resist the perfect back drop and had a second photo shoot after dinner.
Since it was Mallory’s last night we made an executive decision to go out on the town after dinner (well the young ones, sorry Mom and Dad). It was pretty hard to find a bar that was open after hours in Corolla, but we eventually ended up at a fun place that had karaoke night going on. 
We had our fair amount of beverages before mustering up the confidence to take the stage. Our song of choice was Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Katie, Brendan, Mallory and I took it on together, but I do have to give most of the credit to Brendan who stole the show, the rest of us really just danced. Keith decided to avoid the karaoke stage but he did make a me a flower our of napkin, what a sweet bro.
Tuesday: Day Three

As you can imagine from my karaoke recap, it was not so easy getting up early on Tuesday morning, so no run took place.
We spent the day on the beach sans alcohol, and headed in a little earlier than we had the previous days because a storm was a brewing.
We relaxed for a while, said goodbye to Mallory, showered, and eventually headed out to the beach for happy hour. Well, actually, my Mom, sisters, and I headed to the beach for happy hour, the boys had been out there for a while already getting their fishing on. 
The men were hard at work when we got there and we were hard at work sippin our wine and snacking on our buffalo chicken dip and guacamole.

There really is no time like the evening on the beach. When the air cools down, most the people have left, and the sun begins to set, ahh pure bliss (enhanced by vino).
We were beginning to think that our fishermen were not going to have any excitement that night… until Keith all the sudden got a bite from what a appeared to be a very large fish.
We all got so excited and ran up to the beach but eventually mine and Katie’s patience ran out. It had been like twenty minutes and still nothing, plus we were getting pretty impatient because we had plans for a Taco Tuesday themed dinner. Little did we know we would have to wait not only twenty minutes, but over two hours for them to reel in this mystery fish. Props to the boys, it got dark and their arms were about to fall up but they were persistent, switching off reelers every twenty minutes or so, and not giving up even when it got pitch black. A huge crowd of families even crowded behind them to witness. 
My Dad who is a huge fisher fan? Is that right? was definitely in heaven with all of the attention they were getting, he was fielding questions from curious little boys left and right. Sadly they got the fish or shark or whatever it was all the way up to shore before it broke the line and swam off. The mystery of the big bite will sadly never be solved. 
Katie and I felt bad for our devastated fishermen and decided to still make Taco Tuesday happen even though it was already past 9:30 when we got back to the house. We figured if anything would make them feel better about there loss, tacos were the way to go. 
Wednesday: Day Four

Wednesday called for a morning run. This time I decided to take my run to the actual beach and run in the sand and along the water. I know I was just saying how much I love evenings on the beach, but early mornings by the water are just as magical. Nothing like starting your day with a run filled with ocean breeze.
I also started my morning with some avocado toast for breakfast.
As every other day, the whole day was spent on the beach with perfect weather. 
We were all a little sad because it was supposed to Brendan’s last day with us since he had a work event to attend on Thursday morning, but he decided to stay through the night (well kind of), he decided to sleep a few hours and leave at 3:30 am and head straight to work. Why did he do that? He said he didn’t want miss fishing night two to avenge their heart ache from the night before.
Sadly, all they caught was sea weed, sea weed, and more sea weed. It was a weird couple of days where there was sea weed every where in the water. It was actually pretty disguisting, I would shower after a day on the beach and sea weed would just come out from every where. At least it was kind of like being a mermaid I guess…
Anyways, while they were fishing, we were once again sippin’ wine and snackin’, this time on a my Mom’s brie cheese dip.

We also met a very peppy little four year old who wanted my sisters and I to be her best friend and catch jelly fish with her, she told us they smelt wonderful like butterflies. She also had the cutest golden retriever puppy and when I excitedly asked her and her sister what the dog’s name was, they replied “Molly”… of course. Can’t tell you how many times people have told me that they have a dog/cat/bird/etc. named Molly. Oh well at least people clearly like that name…
Any who, after our happy hour round two, and their fishing round two we headed back to the house for pizza night!
We made 4 different pizzas with the most perfect make your own pizza kit we picked up from Costco the week before. We made: pepperoni, veggie, pepp & mushroom, and a buffalo chicken one. They were all delicious. 
Thursday: Day Five

On Thursday my sisters and I woke up before the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise on the beach. Those alarms went off super early, but it was worth it. Even though it was cloudy the sky was still a beautiful red. 
Amy and I both belong to a Bikram yoga studio (we clean for the work exchange program to do so) and wanted to take some yoga photos on the beach with the sunrise back drop to submit for a Travel Asana Challenge. Except Amy was too sleepy to participate so it ended up just me taking a bunch of yogi photos as other sun risers viewers probably wondered what the heck I was doing. *Thanks Katie for being my photographer :*.
Me demonstrating my favorite pose, Camel!

After our sunrise yogi action we planned to go for a run, but our stomachs were aching from our pizza night from the night before and we accidentally fell asleep as soon as we got back to the house. Katie and I did squeeze in a very short circuit workout as soon as we woke up though! And then it was back to the beach. 
The rest of the day was filled with beach time and dinner was another grill out back at the beach house, salmon this time! 
Friday: Day Five 
Sadly Friday was a cloudy and drizzly day. However, I did get a chance to squeeze in a run before the rain started. 3 miles in the beach neighborhood was the perfect start to my morning.
When I got back Katie decided she was sad she missed out on my work out and suggested we go for a long walk. We had both also wanted to check out Wings (basically like Sensations for you Marylanders), and decided to combine the two by walking about a mile each way to the Wings store. 
We both purchased some OBX clothing, and when we left Wings the sun was shining. We knew we had to take advantage of this, so we decided to walk back on the beach instead of the road. When we made it back to the beach entrance where our house was located we found my parents outside soaking up the sun and decided to hang with them for a while and enjoy our last beach day of the trip.
Are they not the cutest?
We stayed on the beach as long as we possibly could before the sky turned threatening and black again.
We hung out at he house for the rest of the day and eventually made it out of the house to go out to dinner to celebrate our last night. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was pretty good and I got the flounder stuffed with crab.
Since it was our last night, we obviously needed ice cream, so we headed to Tim Buck 2 to find a an ice cream shop.
Mission Accomplished.
We all love ice cream.
The next morning my sisters and I woke up at 5 to drive home and avoid all the messy traffic we went through on our way down, our plan worked and it was a quick drive back. Luckily Amy was a rockstar and drove most the way while Katie and I snoozed :).
The whole week was a complete success and we already decided we loved it so much we have to do it again next year. I don’t know how we had gone that long with out a family vacation! They are pretty cool people to hang with for a week ;).

A Weekend With Grandma

This past weekend my sister Katie and I drove down to the Eastern Shore to spend the weekend with my Grandma at her condo in Ocean City, Maryland. 

You may remember me talking about Ocean City when I visited for the Fourth of July or when I ran my second half marathon there in May. 


Before we left for the beach on Friday afternoon, I had some business to attend to, a 7 mile training run. Yikes this was a hard one, it was hot and humid, and I decided about ten different times through my run that I despise summer training runs, okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic… let’s just say I am not a fan of them. I. feel. so. slow. this summer, uhhhh.

After I completed my run and showered I headed to Arlington to meet up with Katie and leave my car at her place before we started the journey to Ocean City. We hit a bit of traffic but made it there around 5 ish.
My Grandma kept asking us why the heck we packed so much. She couldn’t get over why I felt the need to bring three different dresses when we were only going to be there for two days. I of course told her I needed to bring options. *Side note: She called me again yesterday to remind me to pack lighter when I go to the beach with my whole family this coming weekend haha*.
We were happily greeted by our Grandma with summer shandys and chips and salsa. 
After our mini happy hour on our balcony we headed to a new restaurant that I went to for the first time over the Fourth of July, called 4th Street Taphouse. Katie and I split an ahi tuna sandwich and a quinoa and black bean burger.
My Grandma likes to walk at least two miles a day and Katie is a new fit bit owner so a walk to the end of the boardwalk was in order for us after to dinner. The walk was also in order because we needed to have some time to digest our dinner and make room for ice cream ;).
We got soft serve ice cream at our favorite place, Dumsers. Chocolate vanilla swirl with rainbow jimmies for me :). 
We went straight to sleep with full bellies when we got back to the condo.

Katie and I woke up bright and early at 7:30 on Saturday morning and headed out for a run. This was necessary because we had plans on being very immobile on the beach for the rest of the day. It was quite a success to convince Katie to get up and run with me because she is not the biggest fan of running or mornings.
We ran about a mile down the boardwalk and along the inlet to one of my favorite hidden spots where we stopped to do some dips, push ups, and jump squats before running the mile back where Katie stopped and I ran one more mile to make it a 3 mile day.
After our run I enjoyed breakfast with a view before getting my suit and sun tan lotion on and heading to the beach.
Katie and I were on the beach at 9:30 am, which I am pretty sure is a record for us and stayed put reading our respective books (Girl on a Train for me and Paper Towns for Katie), until 1:30 when we broke for the most unhealthy lunch Katie and I eat annually…. pizza and fries, aka Grottos pizza and Boardwalk fries. To our defense we did walk a mile to get the pizza…
We then stayed on the beach for the rest of the afternoon until we decided we wanted to participate in a “no shower happy hour” and walked the short distance to the Tap Room again to have a couple of grapefruit crushes.
It wasn’t long before my Grandma called us and told us she was ready for dinner. She let Katie and I pick the dinner and spot, and it was an easy call for us since we have a specific favorite restaurant, The Marina Deck.
We got a perfect table on the deck with the best view of the sunset.
Katie and I decided to get some cocktails and mussels before our main meal. While Katie and I ordered more crushes, my Grandma got jealous and decided to order her own drink to sip on, except she chose to get sangria… which ended up being bigger than her face. I couldn’t help but take a picture.
Is she not the cutest, prettiest, trendiest Grandma there is?!
For our main meal Katie and I split once again (we do this practically every time we go out together), and got a big ol tray of crabs and shrimp.
After dinner we decided we were feeling some wine so the three of us stopped to pick up a bottle of wine. We spent the rest of the night people watching and sippin’ vino from our favorite spot on the balcony. Ocean City boardwalk definitely provides the best people watching, especially at night. 

Sunday morning was another wake up call for Katie and I since we decided we wanted to make the most of our last day and get on the beach early. We woke up at 7:30 and went down to the boards to rent bikes which is something we like to do one time every Summer.
Katie and I decided that since we were going to be eating a ton of wonderfully delicious junk food all weekend we needed to make it a priority to work out both mornings, and biking was the perfect fun way to get some excursus in without even feeling like we were. We spent an hour biking the boards and down by the inlet. 

After our hour of bike riding we returned our bikes and headed straight to The Fractured Prune to claim our prize. What is the Fractured Prune you ask? Only the best donut shop in the world. I am not even a big donut fan and I can’t resist these warm fried delicious funnel cake tasting donuts. 

Katie and I tried to only get two donuts… one each but then we decided since they were small two each sounded better, but when we tried to order 4 the cashier let us know that getting 6 would be cheaper. Dang it Fractured Prune, you win. At least my Grandma was happy to have a bunch of left overs. 
After our donut breakfast we went back to put our bathing suits on and head to the beach for  our last few hours. Luckily it was a perfect beach day and we enjoyed getting our tan on and finishing our books. Guys, Girl on the Train was so good. The way it was written reminded me of Gone Girl and definitely hooks you the way Gone Girl did, if not more. 
A few hours later it was time to go back and meet my Grandma for lunch before leaving. We got a quick bite at a roof top lunch place right near my Grandma’s called Connors
Sadly after lunch we said our goodbyes and headed back to Katie’s place in Arlington for the night. As soon as we got to Katie’s we decided a leafy green dinner was in order, so we finished the weekend off by taking the 1 1/2 mile walk into DT Arlington to eat some Sweet Leaf. It was the perfect ending to a perfect beach weekend with our Grandma :). Shout out to my Grandma for letting us stay the weekend with her and being the cutest 93 year old on the planet.